Lest We Forget - 2016

Lest We Forget - 2016

A musical celebration of lost genius. 100% of the net proceeds from this program will benefit important non-profit charities established to help musicians in current medical crisis situations.

“LEST WE FORGET - 2016” is a music special whose sole purpose is to celebrate and honor some of the many important musicians and music industry icons who passed away in 2016. The special was taped at Raven's Landing Recording Studio in Nashville, TN, and features some of finest studio musicians in the city.

Proceeds to benefit:

VH1 Save The Music Foundation • The Musicians Foundation • The Sweet Relief Musicians Fund

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Lest We Forget - 2016

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  • Lest We Forget 2016 - FULL Extended Version

    Lest We Forget 2016 is a television special that features live in-studio musical tributes that honor many of the important musicians and music industry icons who sadly passed away in 2016 - including, among others: Leonard Cohen, Merle Haggard, Glenn Frey, David Bowie, Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, V...